Oceanworks is Berkeley’s preeminent independent Toyota and Honda repair facility, solar-powered since 1997 and green since 1954. We do everything from simple oil changes to engine rebuilds.

Our sister facility Oceanworks II, right next door, handles other makes.


  • Honda and Acura
  • Toyota and Lexus
  • Mazda
  • Nissan

Oceanworks II

  • Jeep
  • Subaru
  • Saturn
  • Chrysler family
  • Ford family
  • GM family
  • Isuzu
  • Mini

Seat Belt Recalls: Honda & Toyota

Our federal government requires that every car manufacturer maintain a website that includes access to a list of active recalls.

Here is Honda and Acura:

Here is Toyota, Lexus and Scion:

If you enter your VIN you can find out if you have any open or unfulfilled recalls including seat belt recalls.

Living Lightly

You live lightly. Your hybrid vehicle is clean and efficient. You support carpooling and do it whenever you can. You go to Tibet to expand your horizons. In crossing the ocean, the plane you’re on emits some greenhouse gases. How much? For each passenger, more carbon dioxide than a car does in 15,000 miles of driving. A person driving across the country in a Hummer spews less CO2 into the air than someone who takes public transit to the airport and flies there. (Addendum January 2006: See, for example, the first answer to this question about the relative fuel efficiency of cars and planes.)

Bicycles at Oceanworks!

We started into the bike business becuase of my interest in owning a folding bike as part of my portfolio. This led me to be the first representative of the Xootr Swift line on the west coast in 2006. We next added Bike Friday (exclusively their folding Tikit), and the Batavus DutchRedline and La Pierre bikes… and we’re working on a shuttle service using our new trike.

Rental Cars

Oceanworks has rental cars. Ask Angus for rates.